New Books – September

Fiction & Mysteries

Abbott, Jeff—Traitor’s Dance

Ackerman, Sara—The Codebreaker’s Secret

Allen, Sarah Addison—Other Birds

Andrews, Donna—Round Up the Usual Peacocks (MY)

Barnes, Julian—Elizabeth Finch

Beck, Hazel—Small Town, Big Magic

Bowen, Rhys—Where the Sky Begins (MY)

Brown, Sandra—Overkill

Casale, Jana—How to Fall Out of Love Madly

Charyn, Jerome—Big Red

Childs, Laura—A Dark and Stormy Tea (MY)

Colgan, Jenny—Rules at the School by the Sea

Coulter, Catherine—Reckoning

Dailey, Janet—Quicksand

Donoghue, Emma—Haven

Dye, Ginny—Courage to Stand: October 1872-April 1873

Emerson, Ramona—Shutter

Erlick, Nikki—The Measure

Fajardo-Anstine, Kali—Woman of Light

Feeney, Alice—Daisy Darker

Fielding, Joy—The Housekeeper

Flowers, Ashley—All Good People Here

Ford, Jamie—The Many Daughters of Afong Moy

Forsythe, Lauren—The Fixer Upper

Freeman, Brian—I Remember You

Galbraith, Robert—The Ink Black Heart (MY)

Goldin, Megan—Stay Awake

Hall, Alexis—Husband Material

Hamid, Mohsin—The Last White Man

Hazelwood, Ali—Love on the Brain

Jean, Emiko—Mika in Real Life

Jewell, Lisa—The Family Remains

Johnson, Tyrell—The Lost Kings

Jones, Sandie—The Blame Game

Kaplan, Isabel—NSFW

Kellerman, Faye—The Hunt (MY)

Krueger, William Kent—Fox Creek (MY)

Lagercrantz, David—Dark Music

Langer, Adam—Cyclorama

Lester, Natasha—The Riviera House

Marra, Anthony—Mercury Pictures Presents

Michaels, Fern—Tick Tock

Oates, Joyce Carol—Babysitter

Oke, Janette—Unfailing Love

Orchard, Sandra—Hidden Threats (MY)

Patterson, James—The Ninth Month

Penelope, Leslye—The Monsters We Defy

Razak, Melody—Moth

Reid, Taylor Jenkins—Carrie Soto is Back

Roby, Kimberla Lawson—Sister Friends Forever

Rose, Karen—Quarter to Midnight

Slaughter, Karin—Girl, Forgotten

Steel, Danielle—The Challenge

Woods, Stuart—Black Dog (MY)

Wiseman, Ellen Marie—The Lost Girls of Willowbrook


Allen, Tina—A Modern-Day Guide to Massage for Children

Aronowitz, Nona Willis—Bad Sex: Truth, Pleasure, and an Unfinished Revolution

Brown, Leanne—Good Enough: A Cookbook: Embracing the Joys of Imperfections & Practicing Self-Care in the Kitchen

Chomsky, Noam—The Withdrawal: Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and the Fragility of U.S. Power

Duffy, Chris—Above the Dreamless Dead: World War I in Poetry and Comics

Feiring, Alice—To Fall in Love, Drink This: A Wine Writer’s Memoir (B)

Macy, Beth—Raising Lazarus: Hope, Justice, and the Future of America’s Overdose Crisis

McCurdy, Jennette—I’m Glad My Mom Died (B)

O’Rourke, Beto—We’ve Got to Try: How the Fight for Voting Rights Makes Everything Else Possible

Patterson, James—Diana, William, and Harry

Prat, Chantel—The Neuroscience of You: How Every Brain is Different and How to Understand Yours

Warren, Frank—My Secret: A PostSecret Book

Warren, Frank—The Secret Lives of Men and Women: A PostSecret Book

William, Anthony—Cleanse to Heal

Wong, Alice—Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century