Adult Fiction 

Woodsmall, Cindy – Gathering the Threads

Gerritsen, Tess – I Know a Secret

Goldenbaum, Sally – Murder Wears Mittens

Michaels, Fern – Need to Know

Tracy, P. J. – Nothing Stays Buried

MacNeal, Susan Elia – The Paris Spy

Deutermann, Peter T. – Red Swan

Steel, Danielle – The Right Time

Parker, T. Jefferson – The Room of White Fire

Brown, Sandra – Seeing Red

Castillo, Linda – Down a Dark Road

Grafton, Sue – Y is for Yesterday

Kinsey, T. E. – Death Around the Bend

Golden, Christie – Battlefront II: Inferno Squad (Star Wars)

Brockmann, Suzanne – Some Kind of Hero


Slaughter, Karin – The Good Daughter

Adult Non-fiction

Boström, Mattias – From Holmes to Sherlock: The Story of the Men and Women Who Created an Icon

Bredesen, Dale – The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline

Young, Sarah – Jesus Always: Embracing Joy in His Presence

Anderson, Carol – White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide

Leveque, Kelly – Body Love: Live in Balance, Weigh What You Want, and Free Yourself from Food Drama Forever

Levine, Joshua – Dunkirk: The History Behind the Major Motion Picture

Guinness World Records – Guinness World Records 2018: Meet Our Real-Life Superheroes

Flake, Jeff – Conscience of a Conservative: A Rejection of Destructive Politics and a Return to Principle

Blumenthal, Sidney – Wrestling With His Angel: The Political Life of Abraham Lincoln Vol. II


Bolling, Eric – The Swamp: Washington's Murky Pool of Corruption and Cronyism and How Trump Can Drain It