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Adult Fiction

Abbott, Jeff—Never Ask Me

Addison, Esme—A Spell for Trouble (MY)

Andrews, V.C.—Shadows of Foxworth

Atkins, Ace—The Revelators

Bell, Ted—Dragonfire

Butcher, Jim—Peace Talks

Carrey, Jim—Memoirs and Misinformation

Castillo, Linda—Outsider

Center, Katherine—What You Wish For

Chase, Eve—The Daughters of Foxcote Manor

Dailey, Janet—Holding Out for Christmas

Donoghue, Emma—The Pull of the Stars

Downing, Samantha—He Started It

Graham, Heather—Deadly Touch

Guillory, Jasmine—The Proposal

Haines, Carolyn—The Devil’s Bones (MY)

Harmel, Kristin—The Book of Lost Names

Kauffman, Rebecca—The House on Fripp Island

Kellerman, Jonathan—Half Moon Bay (MY)

Kincaid, Harper—To Kill a Mocking Girl (MY)

Kwan, Kevin—Sex and Vanity

Lacey, Catherine—Pew

Lackberg, Camilla—The Golden Cage

Lustbader, Eric Van—The Nemesis Manifesto

MacLean, Sarah—Daring and the Duke

Macomber, Debbie—A Walk Along the Beach

Malerman, Josh—Malorie

McBride, James—Deacon King Kong

Nay, Roz—Our Little Secret

North, Alex—The Shadows

Paris, B.A.—The Dilemma

Patterson, James—Cajun Justice

Pinsker, Sarah—A Song for a New Day

Raybourn, Deanna—A Dangerous Collaboration (MY)

Rosenfelt, David—Muzzled

Sager, Riley—Home Before Dark

Silva, Daniel—The Order

St. John, Katherine—The Lion’s Den

Sullivan, J. Courtney—Friends and Strangers

Thor, Brad—Near Dark

Tremblay, Paul—Survivor Song

Tsukiyama, Gail—The Color of Air

Wasserman, Robin—Mother Daughter Widow Wife

Wiggs, Susan—The Lost and found Bookshop

Williams, Beatriz—Her Last Flight


Adult Nonfiction

Ashley, Justin—The Balanced Teacher Path: How to Teach, Live, and Be Happy

Bankert, Adrienne—Your Hidden Superpower: The Kindness that Makes You Unbeatable at Work and Connects You With Anyone

Butler, James—Mindful Classrooms: Daily 5-Minute Practices to Support Social Emotional Learning

Carruthers, Charlene—Unapologetic: A Black, Queer, and Feminist Mandate for Radical Movements

Carter, Zachary—The Price of Peace: Money, Democracy, and the Life of John Maynard Keynes

Cash, Richard—Advancing Differentiation: Thinking and Learning for the 21st Century

DiAngelo, Robin—White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk about Racism

Fung, Jason—The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss

Jost, Colin—A Very Punchable Face (B)

Kendall, Mikki—Hood Feminism: Notes from the Women that a Movement Forgot

Kendi, Ibram X—Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America

King, Vex—Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love is the key to Unlocking Your Greatness

Liam, Melissa—Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Solution: A Complete and Easy Guide

Loewen, James—Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong

Oluo, Ijeoma—So You Want To Talk About Race

Pinckney, Darryl—Blackballed: The Black Vote and US Democracy

Rothstein, Richard—The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America

Saad, Layla—Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor

Soboroff, Jacob—Separated: Inside an American Tragedy

Stallworth, Ron—Black Klansman: Race, Hate, and the Undercover Investigation of a Lifetime

Stork—The Art of Home Baking: 100 Years of Baking Memories

Trump, Mary—Too Much and Never Enough: How My family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man

Wise, Natalie—Happy Pretty Messy: Cultivating Beauty and Bravery When Life Gets Tough

Zelizer, Julian—Burning Down the House: Newt Gingrich, the Fall of a Speaker, and the Rise of a New Republican Party


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