Adult Fiction

Allende, Isabel—A Long Petal of the Sea

Angelo, Megan—Followers

Armstrong, Kelley—City of the Lost

Belden, Emily—Husband Material

Benedict, Marie—Lady Clementine

Black, Benjamin—The Secret Guests

Carlson, Melody—Christmas in Winter Hill

Chamberlain, Diane—Big Lies in a Small Town

Connolly, Sheila—Fatal Roots (MY)

Cummins, Jeanine—American Dirt

Delany, Vicki—There’s a Murder Afoot (MY)

Dornbush, Jennifer Graeser—The Coroner

Dylan, Rachel—End Game

Eason, Lynette—Collateral Damage

Ellison, J.T.—Good Girls Lie

Finder, Joseph—House on Fire

Frantz, Laura—An Uncommon Woman

Fuller, Kathleen—The Innkeeper’s Bride

Grey, Iona—The Glittering Hour

Harris, Charlaine—A Longer Fall

Hauty, Chris—Deep State: A Thriller

Huie, M.L.—Spitfire (MY)

Hurston, Zora Neale—Hitting a Straight Lick with a Crooked Stick

Johansen, Iris—Hindsight

Kling, Marc-Uwe—Qualityland

Krentz, Jayne Ann—The Vanishing

Ladd, Sarah E.—The Thief of Lanwyn Manor

Luna, Louisa—The Janes

McNear, Shannon—The Rebel Bride

Napolitano, Ann—Dear Edward

Oakley, Colleen—You Were There Too

Paralkar, Vikram—Night Theater

Patterson, James—Lost

Patterson, James—The River Murders

Phillips, Tracey—Best Kept Secrets (MY)

Rainsford, Sue—Follow Me to Ground

Reid, Kiley—Such a Fun Age

Robinson, Peter—Many Rivers to Cross (MY)

Shaw, L.C.—The Network

Stabenow, Dana—No Fixed Line (MY)

Steadman, Catherine—Mr. Nobody

Steel, Danielle—Moral Compass

Taylor, Brad—Hunter Killer

Thynne, Jane—The Words I Never Wrote

Tsao, Tiffany—The Majesties

Williams, Beatriz—All the Ways We Said Goodbye

Woodhouse, Kimberly—The Express Bride

Woods, Stuart—Treason (MY)


Adult Nonfiction

Bego, Mark—Rocket Man: The Life of Elton John

Fogg, B.J.—Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything

Kristof, Nicholas D.—Tightrope: Americans Reaching for Hope

Mackesy, Charlie—The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse

Moaveni, Azadeh—Guest House for Young Widows: Among the Women of ISIS

Murphy, Kate—You’re Not Listening: What You’re Missing and Why It Matters

Steele, Bruce—One Day at Disney: Meet the People Who Make the Magic Across the Globe

Stewart, Martha—Martha Stewart’s Organizing: The Manual for Bringing Order to Your Life, Home & Routines